Does genuine black hole ever exist ie. one that in conjunction with quantum theory lead to theoretical warm hole which science friction always depict with space travellers. Einstein Relativity has always maintained that gravity is out of space, mass is only subordinate to gravity in his equation so it plays only a supplementary role, mass disappearance or disintegration could merely imply that the condition of gravity is not present, therefore a neutral space would likely to be assumed rather one that could possibly be responsible for black hole phenomenon. Einstein says all mass according to E=〖mc〗^2 return to space in form of Energy. Philosophically nothing can come out from nothingness mass appearance in space during early days of formation must return back to the original state of nothing if conservation Law of energy to be upheld for all observable events in physical system this would include the reverse of gravitation, the collapse mechanism. A signal that energy of gravitation returned back to space.
Black Hole could turn out to be just an opening in space for debris to return to vast space accordingly to E=〖mc〗^2.
If this is true many would miss the adventure of space Odyssey.
Ironically and metaphorically Black Hole and Big Bang are beautiful description of Birth and Death of the universe our world. Liken to the birth and death of the mortal soul in real time only the universe is made alive with her abundance of secret formulae that the human mind manages to salvage from depth of darkness using satellite and computers.
Sometimes it is best and fruitful to allow Queen of Science mathematics and mathematician to lead and draw conclusion as it has done for the last 2 centuries of the Human mind derivatives especially with universe, himself and His creation.
As the mind searches for knowledge
The soul yearn divinely after his creator
Only a harmonize relationship of the two
Can we learn of Eternal truth